Co-engineering and metal parts design

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We are metal experts and are passionate about putting all the experience we have accumulated over the years at the service of our customers by offering them the best possible advice.


We industrialize the manufacture of any metal part, always defining the best production process. To do this, we combine all our manufacturing processes according to the needs of each project: die construction, metal stamping, laser cutting, punching, bending and welding, among others.


We work side by side with our customers to meet the objective in terms of costs and quality in each case. The interaction of our three manufacturing sections, tooling workshop, press section, and laser cutting, bending and welding, allows us to fully optimize the manufacture of any metal part or assembly.

We want to be an extension of your company and for this we offer you all our experience and know-how as manufacturers.


Our engineering department is responsible for the 3D design of dies and tools, and the design of metal parts and assemblies using laser cutting, bending, welding, and/or press manufacturing processes depending on the characteristics and needs of the product.


We take care of the industrialization of any product from start to finish before starting its manufacture. We design in 3D, we propose changes if we see opportunities for improvement, and if necessary we offer the manufacture of prototypes to validate the final design. We create the layout of the part or assembly and we make the necessary plans for each of the operations, carrying out cutting, bending and welding programmes. In conjunction with our quality department, we take decisions on how to measure and ensure the critical points or dimensions in each of the manufacturing phases. Once all this is done, we enter the order in our ERP and start manufacturing.

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