We cover all the welding needs of our customers through MIG, TIG, impact and resistance welding processes. We can weld various types of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, iron and galvanized material.


We have several robotic stations that allow us to automate processes and guarantee repeatability with high levels of quality.

Soudure robotisée pièces métalliques

Manual MIG and TIG welding stations

We have an expert team of employees who can weld iron parts, galvanized sheet metal parts and aluminium parts, for different sectors such as the automotive industry, the medical sector, street furniture, parts for the electricity sector or for the construction sector. Depending on the needs of the part, we apply MIG or TIG welding.

Soudure par points métal

Spot welding

Spot welding is another of the manufacturing applications that we offer to our customers. The welding tools we use are always designed and built by our tooling workshop.

Soudure MIG et TIG métal

Robotic welding stations

The quality of our parts further guaranteed by the use of robotic welding processes. Currently, the range of welding robots that we have in the plant allows us to weld assemblies or pieces of up to 2 metres in length, both for short and long production runs. We ensure the quality of the welds and their repeatability.

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We support you in your projects

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JOM brings you the quality of its products wherever you go, making your worries a unique solution for you and your business. We currently supply products to Spain, France, Poland and Canada.